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Goliath lifters are powered by a rack and pinion drive coupled to a permanent safety system (patented) in replacement of the usual winch cable pulley systems. The precision and quality of assembly as well as the adjusted clearance between the various mechanical components contributes to the smooth deployment of each module of the Goliath studio lifter and reduces (up to 10 times versus cable systems) the movement at the top when fully erected.

The rack and pinion drives system provides a smooth and regular lifting operation of your lights and electronic equipment. No risk of shaking or shock due to a cable sliding on the drum of the winch, creating a short fall of the load (up over 8ft/5m). On top of the permanent automatic brake system securing the load in all circumstances (patented), the Goliath studio lifters are fitted with an additional passive safety system (patented) to secure independently the upper sections.

It replaces the safety pins usually required (and often not positioned) on each section of most cable design lifters. More efficiency, more security! Our products comply with European standards and recommendations (such as directives 2006/42/CE, standard EN12100-2010 and EN13157+A1, BGVC1 and BGG 912 rules). They also benefit from the CE and GS marking.




No cable = less effort Unlike a cable application requiring lots of pulley generating frictions and increasing efforts on the handle while winding up (100% increased effort between 7ft/2m and 17ft/5m), Goliath Studio system only requires limited and constant lifting effort. The average effort on the handle is below 15lbs/7kg. 

The integrated safety brake mechanism reduces considerably frictions (less than 9lbs/4kg on the handle) when lowering the load.

Thanks to a highly efficient gear ratio system, Goliath studio lifters provide high speed lifting. The fully automatic safety system does not require locking safety pins on each module, and therefore the lifter can be operated quickly and safely. All sections move evenly and simultaneously, each being deployed automatically with the same length (standard safety rule for all lifting equipment). Finally, on a standard winch-powered-lifter, the cable wears is directly linked to the torsion under load and potential cuts applied by the winch pinions when they are not guarded.

Due to public exposure to a potential cable break, and consequently to a load fall, it is necessary to control and replace on a regular basis the lifter’s cable. This operation is rather complex and time consuming.


Goliath studio rack-and-pinion patented system eliminates the risk and the maintenance operation inherent to cable deterioration.






The Goliath studio R series lifters are made to be light but powerful. Built from black hard anodised aluminium profiles, they are 30% lighter. The transport becomes easier and safer.

The aluminium design provides aesthetics and superior quality with the highest level of protection against corrosion. Each R lifter comes with a graduated meter which enables the operator to have a direct reading of the lifting height. It becomes therefore very easy to set up accurately several lifters at the same height .

The R series lifters are also equipped with a removable handle to prevent any unauthorised use. The handle can be removed at any time without risks even if the lifter is extended and fully loaded. They have in standard an adjustable bubble level, which ensure the operator of the lifter’s stability. The large rear foot grants also increase stability to the structure. They are easy to install and adjust, and can be used inside or outside.





A full range of accessories is available for fixing the independent lighting and sound equipment on your lifters.


You can also reuse your own accessories and structures. Indeed, every brand is compatible with Goliath studio lifters, either directly on the standard Ø 35mm tube, or through an adapter. 


The Goliath Studio adjustable supports are designed to cover all aluminum structures up to 15.7in/400mm for tubes up to Ø 1.97in/50mm.

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